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Investor visa

In October 2012 government of Dubai issued a Decree, which gives a right to owners of the property in Dubai to entitle investor visa. Investor visa insures that you can stay in United Arab Emirates as a resident for a period of 4 years renewable every 2 years and as long as you don’t sell your property.

To apply for investor visa you have to purchase property in Dubai, price of which should valued over 1 million dirham (around 274,000 USD), fully paid and should be free from mortgage.

Investor visa gives you a right to stay legally in United Arab Emirates during hole period, but you have no right to be employed or open your own business. This visa also allows you to sponsor family members. Hereby, property purchased in Dubai insures your residency within United Arab Emirates, education for your children, right to own a vehicle and get your local driving license, open a bank account in local bank and many more privileges.

Sponsor of the investor visa is Dubai Land Department and Dubai Economic Department, which gives to property owners right to receive a trade license. Our company is ready to provide services to the clients to obtain investor visa from Dubai Land Department. All information about terms and conditions to obtain visa will be provided on request.

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