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Whether you are looking for an apartment or villa for rent in Dubai, here is a list of everything you need to do. This guide to renting in Dubai will ensure you find the house, which is just right for you and your family.


To reserve the property, you will need to pay a refundable security deposit which is usually 5% of annual rent as per common practice. Our agencywill hold this amount until tenancy agreement is signed and the deal is finalized,and the moment security deposit is paid, the property will be removed from the listings and you can be sure that property is reserved for you.

To proceed with tenancy agreement bellow documents shall be submitted by the landlord and by the tenant.


  • Ownership certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID copy (in case landlord is resident of UAE)
  • Residence visa copy (in case landlord is resident of UAE)


  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Residence visa copy



Once you pay the security deposit, REDS Real Estateagent shares the draft of tenancy agreementwith you. Make sure you go over the contract; suggest changes if required and make sure you are comfortable with the stated terms and conditions. Our agents shallhelp you out in caseyou haveany questions.

Together with tenancy agreementsignature, tenant shall submit rent cheques and the agency commission. Our agency shall issue receipts for each payment that you make. The agent will then get the tenancy contract signed by the property owner and hand over the rent cheques given by you.

Pleasekeep an originalcopy of the contract and an acknowledgement receipt. One copy of the contract is usually handed to the property owner, one is given to the tenantand one shall be kept by our agency for archive.

After all formalities are done, our agenthands over the keys and access cards to you after you sign an acknowledgement form clearly listing everything you’ve received. A handover acknowledgmentshall besignedas well.



Once tenancy agreement is signed, you will need to head to any typing center with your documents to register Ejari. In case the property is managed by REDS Real Estate Broker, we’ll do it on your behalf and you’ll receive copy via email.

The documents required for registration in typing centers are:

  • Original tenancy contract
  • Ownership certificate (from landlord)
  • Tenant and landlord’s passport copies
  • Original tenant’s Emirates ID

Make sure the deposits, contract duration and rent amounts are clearly stated in your Ejari.


Registration of DEWA AND COOLING system

Once you sign your tenancy contract is registered in Ejari, the next step is getting the water and electricity connection. For this, tenants in Dubai have to apply for a Dubai Water & Electricity Authority connection. Here is what you would need for a new connection.

  • DEWA premise number (usually on the side of the property unit)
  • Ownership certificate copy
  • Landlord’s passport copy
  • Your passport copy & Emirates ID
  • Completed online DEWA form (You have to register yourself as a tenant on DEWA website)
  • Security deposit payment (AED 2,000 for an apartment and AED 4,000 for villa plus AED 130/330 for connection)

Same documents shall be required by cooling authorities as EMPOWER.



Some buildings and communities in Dubai require tenants to procure a move-in permit before occupying their apartment or villa. These forms are generally available on the building managementwebsite and take up to 3days to process. Be aware that refundable security deposit might be requested by building management to move in.  

You would require the following documents for this process.

  • Passport Copy / Emirates ID
  • Ownership certificate
  • Copy of Ejari