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HDS Tower

A Real estate property  with rare views.

After 2010 Dubai’s economy has been constantly growing.  Almost all the leading international brands have set up their offices here. What can be the reason?  U.A.E  is one amongst the few countries of the world, which has a zero corruption level.  What about the politics? U.A.E knows no such thing as cheap politics and the politics here never involve in other peoples businesses, literally. Also, there’s no taxation. Free economic zones like the JLT are always preferred for both business and residence purposes. The laws of U.A.E are extremely favorable to foreign business, especially in the free economic zones. Hence, it becomes the center of international and offshore businesses.

A real estate property in the Jumierah lake tower is a good idea anytime as the return on investment is remarkable. The JLT properties are sought out by many people as its ideal for business office and also people working there think it as convenient to stay nearby. It is equally salable both as an office and residence.  Ain’t nobody regrets a real estate property at the JLT.

Plenty of Dubai apartments are available for renting and for sale as well. The rents  and rates are having a tendency to descend in the coming years  because of more apartments coming up. The buyers can now easily afford a property at the JLT and the dwellers can easily  rent one.  The rents of the JLT, Dubai apartments are same as any other Dubai apartments with no or very less increments. For somebody having to work at JLT, it will be much wiser  to rent or buy a residence up in there.

The HDS TOWER -  Enjoy rare views of Dubai beaches.

Offices are available for  sale in the HDs tower on the top most floors. The view from there is stunning. The tower has 36 floors and the top most floors are lucky to have some stunning views of the whole lake, half the sea and of  the Jumeirah Islands. The view of the Dubai beaches simply looks amazing. The metro station is just 150 meters away and every office has a covered parking space and many more free open parking lots. Every office could enjoy facilities like a broadband connection, WI FI Hot Spots, 24 Hour security, tinted coated glass, passive and active shading devices, etc. The building also has fine coffee shops, Atrium, High tech Intelligent Building Management System and Building system technology.