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Shoreline in the Palm islands


Garden homes, Balqis residency, Signature villas, Canal cove townhouses and more. Plenty of housing opportunities in the Palm Jumeirah. As the island is well equipped with everything needed for an extravagant stay, the demands for the houses are hiking. May it be the luxurious housing, relaxing environment, breathtaking views, the aroma of the sea, splendid shoppers spot, multi-cuisine restaurants, dramatic nightlife and the tourist attractions; the Palm Jumierah has it all. The island is always progressing as there are plenty of stores and attractions opening shortly. Apart from the miles and miles of mesmerizing beeches the island is also a rich spot for water activities and it has world reckoned theme parks. One can never have enough of the Palm Jumeirah. The island has most glorious sunset, it’s beauty undefined. A holiday at the Palm Jumierah is a good idea but purchasing a residence at here is the best idea.

Shoreline apartments houses for sale
There are about 20 shoreline apartments building each of them has housing vacancies in plenty. It is one amongst the most desirable housing spots in the Gulf Arab region. The apartments lay neatly lined across the east side of the Palm Jumierah’s trunk. The apartments are grouped into blocks of two and each of such groups is provided with their own health clubs. The health clubs have most modern equipments, numerous swimming pools, play area for children and more.

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Find home for sale in shoreline Apartments.
Out of the numerous housing possibilities here, why select the Shoreline apartments?
All the apartments have a huge balcony with fresh flowing breeze from where you can enjoy distinct views of Burj- Al – Arab and the coastline of Jumeirah. The apartments are at an easy access to the white sand beaches of the Palm Jumeirah. The apartments can also avail the benefits of the club houses that offer a collection of fitness services. All the apartments are fully serviced and 24 hour security is provided. Also, classy spa facilities like Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room are made available. Additionally, there’s barbeque area, laundry room, child care center, first-aid medical center, ATM, lawns etc. It is also very close to popular schools and medical centers in the country like Top medical center and Emirates International school. So if you are planning to reside at the Palm Jumeirah with your family or individually then the Shoreline apartment will be a fine choice.