A flourishing new city-state, Dubai is one of the world’s most dynamic places to live. Dubai economy enjoys a competitive combination of cost, market and enviromental advantages that create an ideal and attractive climate for local and expatriate living and businesses. The Dubai is both a dynamic international business center and a laid-back tourist eascape? A city where sophistication of the 21st century walks hand in hand with the simplicity of a bygone era.

Established in 2007 R.E.D.S. Real Estate Broker is identified as well experienced and reputable company on Dubai real estate market. Our company’s principal activities are the brokerage of residential and commercial property, consultancy, development and investment. Our multi-lingual broker team serves an international and domestic clientele of residential and commercial buyers, sellers and renters, providing access to Dubai’s home portfolio of apartments.

Whether you wish to sell or lease, R.E.D.S. Real Estate Brokerage team is your key to a faster access to hundreds of clients to sale and rent. Our team is assigned to provide you with the most complete and successful brokerage service available in a professional, discreet and effective way.

We constantly work to gain you more selling and rental leads by providing maximum exposure through company’s wide client portfolio. Our advertisement helps to attract more renters and fill vacancies quickly. Our company will rent or sale your property in a professional, detailed way.

Trust on our Brokerage Services:

  • Residential and commercial buy, sell and rent
  • Furnished or unfurnished apartments
  • Free listing of the property from home owners
  • Free property consulting
  • Legal aid
  • Home mortgage (also for non residents)
  • Home insurance
  • Property management
  • Quick result

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