Your property is in safe hands with REDS Real Estate Broker and it doesn’t matter where you are at the moment. Our property management team is here to provide full range of services related to Dubai property to give landlords stress-free ownership experience. We guarantee to help to increase your property returns by minimizing vacancy periods between lease periods and securing the highest possible price for rent.

We are here to find new tenant or maintain existing tenancy contract, sign tenancy contract, collect and cash cheques and maintain good relationship with tenants on landlord’s behalf. We annually review the current rental contracts to ensure landlord receiving the highest possible rent in accordance with RERA rental calculator.


Residential property management

  • Utility connection (DEWA and Empower) for any of managed property
  • EJARI registration via direct EJARI system access

Commercial property management

  • Support for tenants’ trade license registration and other business related services
  • Utility connection (DEWA/Empower/Chiller/DU) for any of managed property
  • EJARI registration via direct EJARI system access

Legal assistance with tenants

  • Tenant delays or refuses to pay rent in time
  • Tenant refuse to vacate the property after failing to pay the rent on time
  • Tenant subleases or shares property accommodation without landlord’s consent
  • Tenant performs illegal activities in property
  • Tenant breaches terms and conditions of tenancy contract
  • Tenant terminates lease agreement ignoring terms on penalties

Our team is dealing with delay payments and bounced rental cheques. We do rent payment collection and follow up on clearance issues.

We do rental litigations helping to resolve any rental conflicts stress-free and keeping the interests of our clients protected

We sent lease notice reminders with accordance of lease agreement for lease renewal and also notary legal notice in case of non-payment and lease termination

Handover and Snagging Services

We inspect your property upon request to ensure it is being looked after as it should. Our team member will walk around the property and make notes of all the defects together with photographic evidence.

For property handover services, we assist with tenant’s move-out and upon detailed inventory report the security deposit amount refund is recommended to the landlord.

Professional maintenance support

  • Inspection of the property by maintenance company
  • Request for quotation and scope of works for repairs
  • Management of repair works and quality control

Monthly performance statements

  • Clear statement in PDF file with debit/credit notice and detailed description

Connections with developers and building management companies

  • Requesting service charges invoices and annual statements
  • Payment of service charges invoices through MOLLAK system


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